Allegheny River Clean-up

Allegheny River & Watershed Clean-up

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Since 2005, almost 5,000 volunteers have donated more than 40,000 hours and have removed almost 900 cubic yards of trash from the watershed. They have pulled out television sets; microwave ovens; lawn chairs; refrigerators; 55-gallon drums; more than 16,900 tires and more than 152,000 pounds of recyclable metal (that's more than 76 tons!). Countless bags have been filled with recyclable metal, glass, plastic and aluminum.

2022(14th Annual) Allegheny River Clean-up!

The 14th Annual Allegheny River Clean-up was a smashing success! More than 200 volunteers showed up over the course of the Cleanup. We gathered more than 30 cubic yards of garbage, 38 tires, and a large dumpster almost full of recyclable metal - we'll post an actual weight once we have it

Ever wonder what a River Clean-up might look like? Take a look!!

(Thanks Grace!)