Allegheny River Clean-up

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete a Release Agreement?
YES! Everyone must complete a Release Agreement. You can download it here.

Once you've downloaded it, print it out, complete it and BRING IT WITH YOU!!!

As a volunteer, what should I wear and bring to a river cleanup?
River cleanups can be messy and require hard work. Wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or even tattered. Work boots and work gloves are strongly recommended and if you are going to be working in the water dress appropriately. Long sleeve shirts and long pants are recommended despite the weather, for the protection they provide against the sun, poisonous or thorny plants and biting insects. Wearing a hat and eye protection is also recommended. It's important to keep hydrated. Bring plenty of water and also a snack to keep your energy up.

Is lunch provided?
Not this year. We've decided that the logistics involved in providing lunch for six groups of 50-100 people was just a bit too challenging under the circumstances. Besides, you can probably make or find a much tastier and nutritious lunch than we can. We will, however, provide some nifty coupons for discounts at some fine, local eating establishments.

What happens if I find something that won't fit in my canoe?
Every canoe will be supplied with bright pink ribbon. If you find something that is too large to fit in your canoe, or that requires more than two people, flag the location with pink ribbon and let the folks on the jet boat know.

Can my kids participate?
Absolutely. River cleanups are a fun learning experience for kids. Just make sure they understand the importance of putting safety first. The safety of river cleanup participants under the age of 18 is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians.

Why are you holding the clean-up in the fall and not the spring?
Allegheny Outfitters makes an effort to clean-up the river every spring, and periodically throughout the summer. By the time Labor Day weekend is over, the busy part of the paddling season has come to an end. This gives us a chance to make sure no trash has been left behind through the winter months.

What happens in the case of bad weather?
The river clean-up will go on rain or shine. In the extreme case, if there are severe thunderstorms forecasted, or the potential for flooding exists, we may have to cancel, or we will focus on cleaning up the riverbanks on foot. Updates on weather forecast, clean-up changes, and cancellations can be found on the "home" page the week of the clean-up.

I have my own canoe or kayak, but would need transport, is this possible?
YES! We'll shuttle private vessels at no cost with advanced arrangements. Please contact us through our "Contact" page.