Allegheny River Clean-up

About Us

The Mission
The Allegheny River is one of America’s most beautiful and clean rivers. For more than a decade the waterway has been designated one of the nation’s Wild and Scenic Rivers. It is also home to seven islands protected under America’s National Wilderness Preservation System. Every year, hundreds of people come to the river to enjoy its beauty and bounty.

The mission of the Allegheny River Clean-up is to help keep this valuable resource healthy for generations to come. Our goals are three-prong:

· To remove garbage found in or along the Allegheny River and its tributaries for the ecological health of this resource and the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors.

· To promote stewardship of the Allegheny River watershed and highlight how it has been, and continues to be, an important recreational, ecological and economic asset to Warren County.

· To promote a spirit of giving back to the community. We encourage everyone to get involved in our 5-day cleanup this fall.